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Pet Surgery in Oklahoma City: Dog Laying in the Sun

Providing Surgical Services
with Your Pet’s Comfort in Mind

At Hefner Road Animal Hospital in Oklahoma City, our goal is to make every surgical procedure go as smoothly and comfortably as possible for our patients. Our sophisticated pet surgery suite is not much different from a surgical suite you would see at a human hospital, due to the high-end anesthesia and monitoring systems we utilize. Furthermore, our team provides constant care to each patient, through their pre-surgical exam to their recovery.

How Our Pet Surgery Capabilities Set Us Apart

We’re proud to offer treatment to our patients that is state-of-the-art, safe, and keeps them comfortable.

  • Every pet needs to be thoroughly examined and undergo a blood screening to check for signs of disease and evaluate organ function.
  • Our team uses “human-grade” anesthetic that leaves our patients’ systems quickly after surgery, resulting in less grogginess and a faster recovery.
  • We provide laser therapy treatments to every patient after their surgery to decrease pain and swelling.
  • We have heated tables for body temperature maintenance.
  • Doctors and technicians use a sophisticated monitoring system to evaluate blood pressure, EKG, temperature, blood oxygen levels, and more.
  • Technicians provide constant monitoring that is sensitive to changes in the patient’s vital signs to ensure instant detection and quick correction.
  • We offer oxygen-warming units to keep pets comfortable while they awaken under technician supervision in our recovery area.

Attentive Post-Surgical Care

Post-surgical care sets the stage for your pet’s recovery over the following days or weeks. Before they’re allowed to go home, we need to make sure that they’re able to eat, drink, walk, and go to the bathroom without difficulty before discharging them.

Next, we take clients into a vacant room to discuss all aspects of their pet’s procedure and go over any questions or concerns they have. Furthermore, we send all of our clients home with literature and an after-care handout to help them know what to expect in the days to come. We can also provide resources for potential emergencies.

Pet Surgery in Oklahoma City: Dog in Boarding Facility
Pet Surgery in Oklahoma City: Vet Holding Cat

Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

Our doctors can perform these and other procedures to enhance your pet’s health:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass removals
  • Ear and eye surgeries
  • Oral surgery

Call (405) 773-5557 to talk to one of our team members and schedule an appointment. Your pet is in the best hands when they’re with us.


HRAH has taken care of our precious pets for many years. They have treated our pets with the best care. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional care of their pets.

Risa and Steve

Hefner Road is really a good place!  We've been taking our animals there for a long time, they treat you and your furry friend real nice.

Pauline & Bill W.

Dr Purvis & his staff are wonderful! He has been my doggie doctor since adopting 2 rescues in 2000! They are attentive to your animal's needs and show them so much love! Dr. Purvis helped me make painful decisions when my Estee-girl had an inoperable cancer and his loving staff held her with me when it was time to say good-bye. Lucy loves boarding and thinks of HRAH as her second home. Thank you Dr. P & Staff

Lynne H.

Evie loves coming to see you!  When she knows we are going for a ride, she wants to stop and come into the office!

Mehrey T.

We have been with Dr. Purvis around 20 years and wouldn't think of using any other vet.  He and the staff are caring, friendly and always professional.  We also use the grooming facility monthly. The Pet Resort is the best in town!

Brenda and Bill H.

I have trusted the care of one spoiled schnauzer and two cats to HRAH for over 10 years.  Dr. Purvis and the entire staff at HRAH are fantastic!  They have great customer service and offer exceptional animal care.  Our schnauzer attends daycare during the workweek and I feel extremely fortunate to have such a competent and caring group available for her.

Molly S.

Enjoyed my experience there. Dr. Cooper and his team were friendly and took care of my puppy. Very affordable, definitely recommend.


I called HRAH because my former vet and my groomer kept telling me that my bichon had fleas and that's why she was literally scratching holes into herself. I knew she didn't have fleas and suspected it was allergies. I was so relieved that I finally found a vet who knew immediately that the problem was "bichon skin" and NOT fleas! I especially appreciated that the exam room was sparkling clean and didn't stink like nasty dirty pet odor. Very impressed---they are my new vet!


Best place for our sweet babies! That Jacklyn is so caring and loves our babies as much as we do!


Very nice and accommodating. Staff is very friendly. They helped my doggie feel better on the same day I called to make an appt. Love them!



Hefner Road Animal Hospital

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