Your Pet’s Best Life Starts With Wellness Exams and Preventive Medicine

Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Health Certificates

If you plan on vacationing with your pet, you need a health certificate. This document confirms your pet has undergone a thorough examination by a licensed veterinarian and is free from infectious and contagious diseases. Airlines and other travel services typically require health certificates for pets traveling domestically or internationally. This certificate proves your pet is free of illness and fit for the upcoming trip.

Health certificates usually need to be acquired within ten days of travel. Check with your travel service for specific requirements. Our veterinary experts also have extensive knowledge surrounding health certificates.

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How to Obtain Health Certificates for Your Pet

To obtain the pet´s health certificate, you must first schedule a visit with us at Hefner Road Animal Hospital. During this visit, we will comprehensively examine your pet’s health. This process may include checking your pet’s vital signs, reviewing their medical history, vaccinations, and running blood tests. 

After a thorough exam, our vet will determine your pet’s health level. If we identify any health concerns, our team will propose treatment to resolve the issue before your trip. Once your pet is determined to be healthy, our team will happily provide you with the proper certificates for travel. This professional certificate assures your pet’s health and meets state and country health requirements for your trip.

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