Cat and Dog Healthcare and Wellness in Oklahoma City, OK

Pet Exams and Wellness Care in Oklahoma City, OK

The most important way to maintain your pet’s health is through preventative care and wellness exams. At Hefner Road Animal Hospital, our team is always excited to meet your companions and provide helpful guidance on how to manage their well-being. And since their needs will change as they grow older, it’s important to know what to expect for the long term and take proactive measures to help your pet weather those changes.

How Regular Exams Benefit Your Pet’s Health

With regular checkups, our team is able to compose a detailed health history about your pet and take note of any unusual changes and apply what we already know to enhance their treatment. More important, checkups enable us to detect illnesses and signs of disease much sooner so we can help pets avoid serious illness and remain in good health.

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Cat and Dog Healthcare and Wellness in Oklahoma City, OK
Cat and Dog Healthcare and Wellness in Oklahoma City, OK

What to Expect During Their Checkup

Our doctors recommend semi-annual checkups involving nose-to-tail exams and other services your pet might need to improve their health, including:

  • Nutritional counseling and dietary recommendations – our Nutrition Center offers a variety of high-quality prescription foods for dogs and cats
  • Recommendations for proper at-home dental care
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Heartworm testing and other parasite screens, and preventatives for continuous protection
  • An in-depth discussion about your pet’s current health and any medications or supplements they are taking, and whether their current regimen needs to be changed

Care for All Life Stages

Ideally, pets should see their veterinarian at least once a year. Age is a determining factor in the amount of care your pet receives, so depending on what they need, their visits with us may be a little more frequent.

  • Puppies and kittens are fragile in the first few months of life and need frequent checkups, parasite screens, and vaccine boosters to increase their health and protection. Many pets start out their lives with intestinal parasites or other issues, so it’s critical to treat those problems early.
  • Adult dogs and cats should have an established pet wellness care routine including annual or semi-annual exams to maintain their health. We strongly recommend yearly heartworm and fecal tests to check for harmful parasites.
  • Senior pets need regular exams to manage any existing conditions such as obesity, incontinence, arthritis, diabetes, or kidney disease. Keeping your pet mentally sharp is also important, so we’re happy to offer suggestions to enrich their daily life.

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