Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing in Oklahoma City, OK?

Dogs can sneeze for a host of reasons that are not worth worrying about. However, that does not mean that they are never sneezing for a reason that requires a trip to the vet. Sometimes sneezing in dogs can indicate that there is something wrong that needs attention from the vet.

If you are not sure if your dog’s sneezing is normal, you probably need to know more about why dogs sneeze in the first place. Being sure that you are paying attention to the common potential causes for concern related to dog sneezing can help you to prevent your pet from getting sick. Knowing when sneezing is of concern can help you to provide better supportive care to your dog.

dog sneezing in oklahoma city, ok

Dust or Particulates in the Air

If your pet sneezes when it is dusty, that is something you will not need to head to the vet about. Dogs can sneeze just like people when something gets into their nose that tickles it. This could be fluffy seed pods from weeds at the dog park, dust, or even particles from other kinds of cleaning processes.

Dust or other kinds of irritants will make most pets sneeze. This is not something to be worried about, so long as the sneezing does not continue for hours after your dog was exposed to the thing that made them sneeze. However, if your pet is still sneezing hours later, you might need to be concerned.

Even if your dog is allergic to dust, they might need to see the veterinarian to be evaluated for other allergies and to be given some medication to help manage their allergic reaction. This is a good way to prevent long-term allergic reactions to specific items and keep your dog feeling their best.

Something in Their Nose

Dogs are good at sticking their faces where they don’t belong. This means that your pet might get something lodged in their nose and suffer from sneezing attacks as their body tries to get rid of the item that is lodged in the nasal passages. This might be a seed pod from some grass, a piece of cloth from a toy, or some other object that your dog breathed in.

Even if you can see the item that is in your dog’s nose, you can risk injuring delicate nasal tissues by pulling it out. Let your vet handle the extraction process to protect your dog’s well-being. Some pets will need to be sedated so that the item in question can be safely removed.


Dogs can be allergic to lots of different things. Your pet might be allergic to their food, cleaning products that you are using in the house, or even other pets in your home. Some pets are also allergic to seasonal plants, which means that they will need care for their allergies for a few months each year.

Allergies can cause increasing discomfort for your pet, which means that you need to identify what they are allergic to. This can take some trial and error as you try to figure out what is the root cause of allergic attacks. You might also need to take your pet to see the veterinarian so that they can be put on an antihistamine until their allergies have been brought under control.

Tumors in the Nose

When your dog has a tumor in their nasal passages, it can cause irritation to the tissues. This can lead to sneezing. As the tumor gets bigger, you might also notice your pet pawing at their nose, or their nose might bleed. Tumors can be in places where they cannot be seen with ease, but that does not mean that they are not there.

Tumors will often need to be removed to protect your dog’s health and well-being. Your vet will need to look at the tumor and assess what needs to be done to get the tumor removed safely. The tumor should also be sent out to a lab to be evaluated to make sure it is not cancerous.


Bacterial and fungal infections can make your dog sneeze because they irritate the nasal passages. You should be on the lookout for nasal discharge, signs of pus, or other infection symptoms. Your pet’s nose might also swell up if they have an infection in their nasal passages. Some dogs will also get a fever or act lethargic. It is also common for pets with an infection in their nose to stop eating and drinking.

Infections can usually be resolved with medications easily. Your vet should look at your pet, and they might send out a sample of the tissue that is affected to a laboratory. This can help identify what kind of organism is causing the infection so that your pet can be treated in a targeted way. Sometimes these infections are from something getting stuck in your pet’s nose, or they can be related to your pet running into something or pawing at their face with contaminants on their feet.

Sneezing in Dogs Can be Related to Various Things

There are many things that can make your dog sneeze. Knowing what to do about sneezing is key so that you do not accidentally ignore a serious health concern. Dogs that are sneezing a lot should see the vet, just so that you can rule out more serious concerns like tumors or infections. Tracking down the reason for your dog’s allergies can also take some time, and a vet is able to help you to get started on this process.

Pets that are sneezing all the time usually have something going on that should cause you to take them to the vet. Your vet can check them out and see if there are any obvious reasons for the excessive sneezing behavior. The sooner that you get your pet evaluated for things like infections or foreign objects in the nose, the better.

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